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Business Impact at Scale for any Issue


Various dashboards can help you understand the business impact at scale for a given Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Here are a few examples of business impact at scale. From these views, three levels of drilldown are available:

Feedback at Scale

Getting Feedback from real users, in near real-time, is as good, if not better, than conducting surveys. Surveys consume time and effort and can’t provide user context at the point in time when a problem occurs.

Germain’s allows you to collect real User Feedback either via Germain UX’s Feedback Popup or 3rd party chat technology (Intercom, Zendesk, etc).

Example: 96% of the Negative feedback is specific to one page or product.

96% of the Negative feedback is from one page - Germain UX

Overrun at Scale

Germain UX allows you to identify wasted work time, also known as Overrun, at scale and in real-time.

Overrun refers to any extra time spent performing a task beyond an accepted SLA. For example, let’s say you expect your Service Organization to close a given type of ticket within 1 day. Overrun, therefore, would be any time past 24hours that the ticket remains open.

Examples of wasted work time or overrun by BP step - Germain UX

Examples of cumulative wasted work time or overrun - Germain UX

Tech Issues at Scale

Germain allows you to identify, at scale and in real-time, the critical technology-related issues that affect your Business (Processes or Users).

Examples of UX issues caused by Technology, identified at scale by Germain UX:

436 Business Hours due to Browser “freezing” - Germain UX

93 business hours due to the application not responding - Germain UX

1,044 users were forced to re-logon due to application errors - detected by Germain UX.

Important note: the millions of other Siebel Errors did not impact Siebel users are still monitored by Germain but kept separate from user impact analysis. More details on Tagging Oracle Siebel CRM Error.

Service: Analytics

Feature Availability: 2017.2

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