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KPIs, Pivots & Measures


KPIs, Pivots and Measures that are preconfigured in Germain UX. Or you can create your owns.


Key Performance Indicator a quantifiable measure used to evaluate the success of a process, function, user, application, etc. in meeting objectives for performance.

Preconfigured KPIs for Business Process and Workflows.

Preconfigured KPIs for Marketing.

Preconfigured KPIs for Technologies.

Preconfigured KPIs for User Experience

Preconfigured KPIs for Web Analytics.


Pivot Table allows you to dynamically rearrange, group and summarize data for easy analysis of large sets of data.

Pivots are especially useful with large amounts of data that would be time-consuming to calculate by hand. A few data processing functions a pivot table can perform include identifying sums, averages, ranges or outliers. The table then arranges this information in a simple, meaningful layout that draws attention to key values.

Germain UX auto-populates a minimum of 10 pivots per KPI and makes it visible on what is called a “Pivot” dashboard

Preconfigured Pivots for Business Process and Workflows.

Preconfigured Pivots for Marketing.

Preconfigured Pivots for Technologies.

Preconfigured Pivots for User Experience

Preconfigured Pivots for Web Analytics.


A measure is a number marked in standard units. Specifically, this number should be a quantification of some observation. For example, we can observe that Bob Lee is tall. We can then quantify his height using the metric system, and if we do, the quantification we would express Bob Lee’ height is 2.03 metres, which is a measure. Common business measures include followers, conversions, subscribers, and leads.

A Measure in Germain can also be what others call a Metric, and it is a calculation including two or more measures. Your BMI (body mass index) is a metric calculated by dividing a measure of your weight by a measure of your height.

Preconfigured Measures for Business Process and Workflows.

Preconfigured Measures for Marketing.

Preconfigured Measures for Technologies.

Preconfigured Measures for User Experience

Preconfigured Measures for Web Analytics.

Service: Analytics

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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