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Reports (manual)


Report in PDF or CSV formats can be generated via a few clicks on from most Germain Dashboards.

PDF Report

Export all visible data from an Aggregate Dashboard into a PDF file, by clicking the Print or Export to PDF icon:

Print or Export the Metric of an Aggregate Dashboard to PDF - Germain UX

CSV Report

Export all visible data from a Portlet into a CSV file by clicking the Export icon:

Export the Metric of a Portlet in a CSV file - Germain UX

And there is the CSV that is automatically created by Germain UX:

CSV report example on Germain UX

Har File Export

Export relevant portions of a User Session, choosing a specific time range or one User Click at a time into a Har file, by using one of the following options:

  1. Export the entire user session replay to HAR.

  2. Export the entire user session replay to JSON, including facts from all configured KPIs.

  3. Export each user click from a session replay to HAR.

  4. Export each HTTP request from a session replay to HAR.

Har file export on User Session Replay RCA dashboard- Germain UX

Please contact us if you need this Har File export feature to be available on other dashboard.

Automatic Report

Automatic generation of report is also supported. More details here.

Automatic File Download

Files that are monitored by Germain can be downloaded upon request. More details here.

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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