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Instance or Service Cannot Start


One or more Germain Tomcat instances or services have stopped working without any known changes and are unable to restart. DB or service account credential issues have been ruled out as causes by checking the logs. Individual restart attempts of the failing Tomcat instances or services have also been unsuccessful.


In situations where restarting only the failing Tomcat instance or services does not resolve the issue, performing a full Germain restart can help. Follow the sequence below for the restart process:

  1. Stop all Germain Tomcat instances and Germain services on the Germain Enterprise servers.

  2. Ensure that no Java processes are running under the service account used to run Germain Tomcat or services.

  3. Start the components in the following order, verifying their successful startup in the appropriate log files before proceeding to the next step:

    • ActiveMQ

    • Apache Solr

    • Germain Tomcat instances

    • Germain Storage Services

    • All other Germain Services

After completing these steps, your Germain environment should be running again.

Please note that this sequence is a general guideline, and specific configurations or customizations may require adjustments to the restart process.

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