• One or more of the Germain Tomcat instances or services stopped working without any known change and won’t restart

  • You’ve eliminated DB or service account credential issues as a cause (by checking the log)

  • You have restarted the failing Tomcat instance or services individually


A full Germain restart can sometimes resolve issues when restarting just the failing Tomcat Instance or Serves does not.

Sequence for restart

  1. Stop all Germain Tomcat instances and all Germain services on the Germain Enterprise servers

  2. Make sure there are no Java processes running as the service account used to run Germain Tomcat / Services

  3. Start everything in the following order (Validate that that have started running in the appropriate logs file before continuing to the next):

    1. ActiveMQ

    2. solr

    3. Germain Tomcat instances

    4. Germain Storage Services

    5. All other Germain Services

  4. At this point, your environment should be running again.