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PHP Monitoring

Features for PHP

Germain is configured to monitor the uptime and performance of PHP 7.4 applications and newer versions. It offers real-time analysis of PHP transactions, providing insights into various aspects of the application's execution. Here are the key features related to PHP transaction monitoring in Germain:

Browser-Level Events

Germain captures and analyzes browser-level events, allowing you to track user interactions and monitor the performance of PHP code executed in response to these events.

PHP Code Execution

Germain monitors the execution of PHP code within your application, providing visibility into the performance and behavior of individual code segments. This helps identify any bottlenecks, inefficiencies, or errors in your PHP code.

Network Requests Execution

Germain tracks the execution of network requests made by your PHP application, including HTTP requests and API calls. It measures the response times, latency, and overall performance of these network interactions.

Database SQL Execution

Germain analyzes the execution of SQL queries within your PHP application. It captures and monitors the database interactions, allowing you to identify slow queries, database performance issues, and potential optimizations.

Integration-Level Transactions

In addition to the core PHP transactions, Germain supports monitoring of integration-level transactions. This means you can include and monitor transactions related to any integrations or external services used by your PHP application, such as third-party APIs, message queues, or other system interactions.

By monitoring these aspects of PHP transactions, Germain provides real-time insights into the performance and behavior of your PHP application. It helps you identify performance bottlenecks, troubleshoot issues, optimize code execution, and improve the overall user experience.


PHP Wizard - Germain UX

Checklist for setting up PHP Agent

  1. Install xhprof on PHP server ( )

  2. Enable xhprof extension in PHP server (php.ini: [xhprof] extension =

  3. Add config:
    a. germain.apm.monitoringClient.phpMonitoringProfiles(Basic Sampling)
    b. germain.apm.monitoringConfig.components
    c. germain.apm.monitoringConfig.componentTemplates
    d. germain.apm.monitoringConfig.serverProfiles(PHP Server)
    e. germain.apm.monitoringConfig.keyPerformanceIndicators
    g. germain.apm.workspace.rcaDashboards

  4. Install Germain Engine on your PHP web server

  5. Use workspace to apply the PHP Server profile to the PHP app server

  6. Install Agent file in web server: germainapm.php
    a. populate variables: GERMAIN_SERVICES_URL, PROFILE_NAME, ...

  7. Include Agent file in App's PHP entry points: include 'germainapm.php';


Component: Code Profiler, Engine

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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