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Golang Monitoring

Germain is designed to monitor the uptime, performance, and usage of GoLang applications. Additionally, a variety of automation features are offered, enabling you to proactively detect and automatically resolve issues. And it is customizable to your needs, as any other features.

Real-time Monitoring and Insights for GoLang

Key monitoring capabilities and automated insights in Germain UX for GoLang applications, including:

Dependencies and External Services

If your Go application relies on external services or databases, Germain monitors their availability and response times and tracks metrics related to connection pools, query execution times, and error rates to ensure smooth interactions with dependencies.

Error Monitoring

Germain keeps track of errors and exceptions occurring in your Go application. It monitors and log error messages to identify and debug issues promptly.

Garbage Collection

Germain monitors garbage collection metrics (e.g. pause times, heap size, and allocation rates to optimize memory usage and prevent performance degradation caused by excessive garbage collection).

Goroutine and Concurrency Monitoring

Germain monitors the number of goroutines and their behavior to identify any potential issues such as goroutine leaks or excessive resource consumption.

HTTP Server Metrics

If your Go application serves HTTP requests, Germain monitors server metrics like request rates, response codes, and response sizes. It also keeps an eye on the number of active connections to ensure your application can handle the expected load.

Log Analysis

Germain analyzes logs, that helps track the flow of requests, identifying bottlenecks, and troubleshooting issues across different components.

Performance Profiling

Germain profiles GoLang Code to identify performance bottlenecks and optimize critical sections of your code.

Resource Usage

Germain monitors the CPU and memory usage of your Go application to ensure it's performing efficiently and not causing any resource bottlenecks.

Response Time

Germain measures the response time of your Go application to gauge its performance and user experience. It also monitors the latency of HTTP requests or any other relevant communication channels to ensure timely responses.


List of preconfigured KPIs for GoLang.

Custom Real-time Insights for GoLang

Here is a list of real-time analytics features in Germain UX that can be customized to gain more insights from your GoLang application.

Real-time Automation for GoLang

Germain provides key real-time automation features for GoLang application, that can be customized to proactively detect or resolve issues that affect a GoLang application.


Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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