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Strategy & Architecture

Tailor your roadmap with Germain UX, prioritizing engagement. Choose deployment options. GermainUX consist of 7 components, hundreds of integration and thousand of preconfigured KPIs and other automations. The more you disclose to our team, the better we can help achieve your goals.

  • Share your goals with us for exceptional engagement. We assist our clients every step of the way, so the more we know about your roadmap, the better we can customize our platform for it, and the more we can help, at no extra cost.

  • Choose your deployment mode. Cloud or On-Premise? based on compliance, data security, infrastructure usage and cost considerations.

Design an efficient monitoring and automation strategy by aligning deployment options with your organization's requirements.

Note: For AI integration, it's recommended to set solutions within an isolated section of your cloud or data center for total security.

Germain UX Architecture V2.png

Architecture of Germain UX

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