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Alert (email and sms)


In Germain, alerting is a core functionality that enables your teams to react to SLA breaches in monitored environments, whether they are Technology SLAs, Business Process SLAs or User Experience SLAs. These alerts can be triggered by basic ingested data, correlated data, query mechanisms ( see Automation - SQL execution )  and HTTP actions ( see  Automation - Http(s) execution ).

There are some key concepts in order to fully understand how alerting works, but in a nutshell, once a data point is ingested and an SLA evaluated for that data point, we are able to configure an action to trigger, one of these actions types is an AlertAction which will notify a target group of users - Distribution List - by sending a message defined by a template.

Alert & Action mechanisms glimpse - Germain UX

Service: Action

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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