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Monitoring & Analytics - Javascript Execution Analysis (in real-time)


American Airlines, General Electric, Largest US-Based Healthcare, Volvo


Real-time performance monitoring and analysis of Javascript function, down to the line of code, for any web application. That feature completes the end-to-end time breakdown of a user click (>java script>network request>web request>application code>database sql,...levels and any integration layers)

Metrics provided: any metric that Google Chrome provides, including:

  • Javascript method execution time
  • Javascript line (of code) execution time
  • Stall duration
  • Download duration
  • Wait duration
  • etc

Supported Technologies:

  • AngularJS
  • ReactJS
  • VueJS
  • Javascript

Reminder: that end-to-end analysis of a user click or transaction, is configurable by you, so you can further define data relationship and can include any data sources (e.g. integration layer) into the mix.


Germain UX - JS Profiler

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a better view of a java script execution time breakdown

and some insights on whether this is stall, connection, wait, download ,etc

and for a User Click RCA, that s how it looks:

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