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Monitoring & Analytics - Salesforce - Implicit Hints


General Electric, Largest US-Based Healthcare


Implicit hints implemented in Germain for all below Germain’s SFDC KPIs and UI objects.

  • Salesforce Outbound HTTP Request

  • Salesforce Instance Status

  • Salesforce Flow Interview( )

  • Salesforce List View

  • Salesforce Platform Event Usage Metric

  • Salesforce Resource Usage

  • Done for the following Germain’s KPIs:
    Salesforce Outbound HTTP Request
    Salesforce User Click
    Salesforce Lightning User
    Salesforce Apex Class
    Salesforce Apex Trigger
    Salesforce Health Check
    Salesforce Setup Audit
    Salesforce Process Approval
    Salesforce Flow Custom Action
    Salesforce apex Custom Action
    Salesforce External Service Custom Action
    Salesforce Process Rule
    Salesforce Flow Coverage
    Salesforce Apex Code Coverage
    Salesforce Flow Interview
    Salesforce List View
    Salesforce Instance Status
    Salesforce Resource Usage
    Salesforce Platform Event Usage Metric
    Salesforce Records Count
    Salesforce UI Switch
    Salesforce Page Performance Count
    Salesforce Browser Performance Count
    Salesforce Cron Job
    Salesforce Code Exception
    salesforce Code Debug Event
    salesforce Code Execution
    Salesforce Record Change Event
    Salesforce Report Anomaly Event
    Salesforce Api Event
    Salesforce Bulk Api Result Event
    Salesforce Classic Record Event
    Salesforce Concurrent Long-running Apex Error Event
    Salesforce Credential Stuffing Event
    Salesforce Lightning List View Event
    Salesforce Lightning Record Event
    Salesforce Log Generic Event
    Salesforce Login As Event
    Salesforce Login Event
    Salesforce Logout Event
    Salesforce Report Execution Event
    Salesforce Session Hijacking Event

More details about Insights for Salesforce Cloud.

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