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Germain UX - RPA Bot Recorder


The RPA Bot Recorder is a feature of Germain UX that enables you to record Selenium synthetic user scenarios or scripts. These recorded scripts can then be imported, deployed, and managed within Germain Workspace at runtime.

This video demonstrates how you can record a synthetic user scenario using the Selenium-based click recorder in just two minutes. It showcases the simplicity and speed at which you can create automated scripts with Germain UX: .


To use the RPA Bot Recorder, you need to download and install Germain's Chrome or Edge RPA Bot Recorder extension. This extension integrates with the respective web browsers and provides the necessary tools for recording user scenarios.


Once the extension is installed, you can start recording a synthetic user scenario by interacting with the web application or website you want to automate. The RPA Bot Recorder captures your actions and generates a script using the Selenium framework, which is widely used for web automation.

After recording the script, you can import it into Germain Workspace, where you can manage and deploy it for runtime execution. Germain Workspace provides a user-friendly interface for organizing and controlling your recorded scripts, allowing you to schedule and run them as needed.

Using the RPA Bot Recorder and Germain Workspace, you can automate repetitive tasks, perform web testing, and simulate user interactions. This can greatly improve efficiency and productivity in various scenarios, such as web application development, quality assurance, and business process automation.

By leveraging the RPA Bot Recorder and the capabilities of Germain UX, you can streamline and automate your web interactions, saving time and effort in repetitive tasks while maintaining accuracy and consistency.

Component: RPA Bot Recorder

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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