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Monitoring & Analytics - Real-time Metrics


American Airlines, eBay, General Electric, Pepsi, Volvo


Germain’s previous query services was good at answering historical questions for a given time range, but not really geared towards answering questions about the current state of a monitored entity.

Example questions that this new Real-Time Metric service can address:

  • What is the current state of server X or database Y?

  • How many users are currently active on our prod environment?

  • How many users are currently impacted by the crash of component Z?

  • How many JS errors were there in the last minute?

  • Which engines are currently collecting data?

In other words, this new Real-time Metric service can provide:

Status of Monitored Infrastructure

Show availability of a server over last 30s, 1min, 5min on configuration / management view

KPI Data Counts

Show KPIs for which we collect data - show counts for each

Real-time Gauge Portlet

Gauge control that is updated every few seconds to show the current average (ex. number of concurrent users)

Dynamic Top-n Lists

Dynamically updating list of data grouped by some dimension - updates ranking in real time, positions & average response times change

  • List of slowest user sessions in the past 5 minutes

  • List of processes on a server by CPU usage (updated every 5 seconds, similar to Linux top command)

Live Network Map

Map of network requests that updates in real-time as traffic patterns change

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