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Website Audit / SEO


Germain UX relies on Google Lighthouse to get performance details of each page of a web application, pinpointing issues like:

  • Javascript Execution Time, CSS issues, Dom Size, Memory Allocation, etc

  • 3rd party Technology Impact (e.g. Chatbot, GTM, Vidyard, etc)

  • Network Impact

  • etc

Real-time Visualization

Germain UX - lighthouse2.jpg
Germain UX - lighthouse5.png


Example of Website Audit / SEO reports automatically generated:

Website Audit -


To configure SEO performance analysis of any web application, go to: Germain UX Workspace > Left Menu > Analytics > Website Audit

Germain UX - lighthouse.png

Please contact us for help in setting this up.

Service: Analytics

Feature Availability: 2023.4

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