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Roles define what a user is able to do within Germain. To view the list of roles, go to System > Auth Settings > User Roles in the menu.

By default, the following two roles are configured, but you can create as many custom roles as you like.

  • germain_apm_admin

  • germain_apm_user

Creating a Role

  1. Go to System > Auth Settings > User Roles

  2. Click :plus: Add New Configuration

  3. Provide the Name of the role. (Note: If you are using LDAP or OAuth and want to map Groups in that system to Roles in Germain, make sure the Role name you provide matches an LDAP/OAuth group name)

  4. Select which Permissions should be applied to the Role.

The following Permissions are available:

  • Create Inactive Config: Allows a User to create any monitoring, analytics or automation, but not give that user the permission to enable it. Another individual, with "Create/Edit Config" permission, will have to enable it.

  • Create/Edit Config: allows to create/edit/delete/enable/disable any Germain config objects

  • Create Dashboard: allows to create/edit dashboard

  • Edit UI Field/Column: allows a user to edit Germain’s user interface e.g. add a column to a dashboard.

  • View Data: allows to run a query against Germain’s datamart (business and meta data)

  • View User Replay: allows to view user session replay video

  • Manage Users: allows to create/edit/delete users

  • Monitor: allows engines/agents to get their config from the APM server

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