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Maintenance - Configuration Console


American Airlines, Anz Bank, eBay, Pepsi, Largest US-Based Healthcare, Volvo, etc.


Our new Configuration Console is ready. This is a -major- milestone for us and our clients, as this new configuration console allows organizations to implement monitoring, analytics and automation, at scale, and consolidate all of it.

(Our old configuration console was built in plain javaScript, and had many limitations, and essentially prevented customers to scale, one of the reasons why we decided to build this new configuration console leveraging the best JavaScript framework on the market)


  • Reduced meantime to add/remove/maintain any Monitoring, Analytics, Automation (alerting, synthetic transaction, script execution, etc) and Dashboard (dashboards can also be created on the fly, as a result of a search, etc)

  • Enhanced user experience.

Examples of how much time is saved with this new Configuration Console:


Configuration Task




SQL execution (configure a query to update or get data)

5-10 min

30-60 min

Click Execution (configure one/a scenario of synthetic click(s))

15 min


HTTP Synthetic Execution

5-10 min

30 min

Alert (sms, email)

1 min

5 min


Application Monitoring

2-3 min

15 min

Desktop Monitoring

2-3 min

15 min

Business Process Monitoring

 5-10 min

40 min


User & Role Creation

1 min

5 min

Start & Stop Maintenance Period

10 sec


Identify Running State & location of any Automation and Monitoring

5 sec


Important Note: this new configuration console allows you create hundreds, thousand of entities within a few clicks (the above time saving is for configuring unique/distinct entities but then it take just a few exact seconds to copy and paste so you have hundreds of them configured)


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