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Salesforce Monitoring (Classic, Lightning)

Use Cases for Salesforce (SFDC)

Germain UX enhances Adoption, UX, and Productivity for both Salesforce Classic and Lightning environments with use cases including:

  • Boost SFDC adoption.

  • Improving Operational Productivity.

  • Optimize SFDC Application Performance and Usage.

  • And more Use Cases

Real-time Monitoring & Insights for Salesforce (SFDC)

Germain monitors SFDC Lightning and Classic, 24x7 in real-time to find frictions that affect Adoption or Conversion. It helps understand “why” these frictions occur, detects them before business impact, automates resolution (whenever that is considered safe and sound), in real-time, 24x7. In summary, Germain offers:

  • Recording of Real User Session and Session Replay (24x7, Real-time).

  • UX Friction Finding & Analysis at User Behavior, Workflow and Technology levels (24x7, Real-time).

  • Business Process Inefficiency Identification (24x7, Real-time).

  • Real User Feedback (for NPS).

  • Proactive detection, alert, and (when considered safe) resolution (24x7, Real-time).

  • Critical trend identification (24x7, Real-time).

  • Monitoring of SFDC Capacity, Performance and Usage (24x7, Real-time).

Germain UX is available on the SFDC AppExchange:

And here are more details on Germain UX features for SFDC:

Real User Monitoring & Session Replay for Salesforce Clouds (SFDC)

Germain automatically records millisecond-precise, pixel-perfect user sessions 24/7, providing real-time insights to understand both the 'what' and the 'why.' Germain UX identifies friction points and their underlying causes, streamlining business impact analysis for critical UX, Adoption, and Productivity issues without the need to review numerous videos. You can quickly replay specific segments of recorded sessions by searching for your priorities. All business or metadata data is fully searchable, maintaining GDPR compliance, whether at scale or within a recorded session.

Video overview:

SFDC User Session Recorded 24x7 and Session Replay - Germain UX

UX Insights for SFDC

More details about Germain UX Real User Session Monitoring and Session Replay and preconfigured UX insights.


More details on Germain KPIs for SFDC User Experience.

Real User Feedback for SFDC (NPS)

For Net Promoter Score (NPS), Germain offers a powerful capability that enables real users to provide their feedback in real-time through a popup that can be dynamically enabled and made visible on the monitored application. This feedback is crucial for assessing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

More details on Germain UX’s User Feedback Popup and how to enable it.

Business Process Mining for SFDC

Germain offers real-time 24/7 performance monitoring for critical business processes and workflows in your SFDC application and automatically detects and highlights inefficiencies or productivity loss, most often referred to as overrun.

Importantly, this Workflow Mining feature works seamlessly with various data sources and operates without direct user involvement. For instance, with Germain, you can trace the complete customer journey, from website visits to interactions with your sales team, in-person visits to your office or store, and through back-end order fulfillment and shipping processes.

Wasted Productivity

Automatic measure and tracking of wasted time for all users, teams for Salesforce and other application, in near real-time, 24/7:

Tolat Lost Productivity on Counter Portlet

Total Lost Productivity on Counter Portlet

Total Overrun

Total Overrun for all Salesforce Users - Germain UX

Productivity Insights at the Process level

Automatic in-depth analysis of wasted time at the process level, breaking it down at the team, user, and milestone levels.

Pivot on Business Process Steps on Analysis Portlet

Pivot on Business Process Steps on Analysis Portlet

Business Process Waterfall Portlet

Team-level analysis of time spent working on critical process - Germain UX

Productivity Insights at User Session Level

Replay the user sessions that contributed to the wasted time. Automatic qualitative and quantitative insights, to best understand “why” time was wasted

Icon shows up on Session Replay every time a SFDC User worked on a critical process - Germain UX

Business Journey Flow

Gain insight into the flow and efficiency of a business operation on a large scale, and identify areas where it may be ineffective.

Click or Workflow-level Journey of SFDC User on Germain UX


More details on KPIs for Business Process Monitoring and Inefficiency automatic finding:

Capacity, Performance and Usage Monitoring for SFDC (24x7, Real-time)

Germain continuously monitors the performance and uptime of SFDC applications, with automatic analysis of slowness or errors down to Apex code, database operations, and custom objects in real-time, 24/7.

Technology issues, such as slow page loading, browser freezes, and specific errors relevant to SFDC users, are automatically identified by Germain. Some examples:

Apex Code Insights

Salesforce Code Execution on Drill-through

Salesforce Sampling Code Execution on Germain's Drill-through Dashboard

Salesforce Code Analysis on Aggregated Dashboard

Salesforce Code Analysis at Scale on Germain's Aggregated Dashboard

Browser Insights (for SFDC)

Click Insights (for SFDC)

Monitoring of SFDC User Click and front-to-backend metrics correlation for root-cause analysis (down to the line of Javascript execution), real-time, 24x7.


Salesforce User Click (Browser to Backend Tracing) by Germain UX

Custom Objects Insights (for SFDC)

For instance, you can use Germain to monitor System_Error__c

Salesforce Custom Objects by type

Salesforce Custom Objects (e.g. System_Error__c) Monitoring by Germain UX

Salesforce Custom Object details

Salesforce Custom Object details on Germain RCA dashboard

Database Execution Insights (for SFDC)

Salesforce Database Execution on Drill-through

Salesforce Database SQL Execution on Germain Drill-through Dashboard

Salesforce DML Code Execution Exception on Drill-through

Salesforce DML Code Execution Exception on Drill-through

Data Update / Delete / Create Monitoring of SFDC

Monitor SFDC Data (Record Creation, Update, Deletion, Rollback), in real-time, 24x7.

  1. Supported only in Salesforce Lightning Experience (Spring '19 or above)

  2. Available for standard and custom objects - More details on Change Event Object Support.

  3. Salesforce License allocations apply - More details on Change Data Capture Allocations.

SFDC Record Creation, Update, Deletion, Rollback Monitoring by Germain UX

Debug Log Insights (for SFDC)

Monitor of SFDC Log, in real-time, 24x7

Salesforce Code Debug events

Salesforce Code Debug events

Error Insights (for SFDC)

  • Errors that Affect Business

Identify Errors that matter i.e. that affect Users or Business Operations and place a lower priority for the rest, near real-time, 24x7. More details on how to Focus on Errors that impact your Users and Processes.

Salesforce UI Issues by type

Salesforce User Errors by type - Germain UX

Salesforce UI Issues by page

Salesforce User Errors by page- Germain UX

  • Apex Error

Monitoring of SFDC Apex Error, real-time, 24x7.

SFDC Apex Error monitored by Germain in real-time, 24x7.

  • Developer Error

Monitoring of SFDC Error, real-time, 24x7.

Salesforce Developer Error Monitoring

Salesforce Developer Error Monitored by Germain UX

Event Monitoring (SFDC)

Monitoring of SFDC Event, real-time, 24x7.

Salesforce Object Events Monitoring

Salesforce Object Events Monitored by Germain UX

Health Check metrics (SFDC)

Monitoring of SFDC Security Health Check.

Salesforce Health Check

Salesforce Health Check

HTTP Requests processed (by SFDC)

Monitoring of SFDC Failed HTTP Requests, real-time, 24x7. Example here showing failed http requests:

Salesforce Failed HTTP Requests

Salesforce Failed HTTP Requests Monitored by Germain UX

Instance Status Monitoring for SFDC

Monitoring of SFDC Instance Status, real-time, 24x7.

Salesforce Instance Status monitoring

Salesforce Instance Status monitored by Germain UX

Salesforce Instance Status details

Salesforce Instance Status Details Monitored by Germain UX

Integration Insights (SFDC)

Germain UX provides real-time, 24/7 monitoring of SFDC integrations, such as CTI and Chat. Some examples:

Salesforce CTI Integration Events

CTI Event Monitored by Germain UX, real-time, 24x7

JavaScript Console Event (in SFDC)

Salesforce JavaScript Console Event monitored by Germain

Logs Analysis (of SFDC)

Monitoring of SFDC Logs, real-time, 24x7.

Salesforce Logs Monitoring

Salesforce Logs Monitored by GermainUX

Metadata Change in SFDC

Monitoring of SFDC Metadata change, real-time, 24x7.

Salesforce Metadata Change Monitoring

Salesforce Metadata Change Monitoring

Page Insight (for SFDC)

Performance view (for SFDC)

Monitoring of SFDC Performance, real-time, 24x7.

Salesforce Performance Monitoring Overview

Salesforce Performance Monitoring Overview

Platform Event Usage metrics (SFDC)

Enhanced Monitoring of SFDC Platform Event Publishing and Delivery Usage.

Real-time Event of SFDC

Monitoring of SFDC Real-time Event, real-time, 24x7.

All Real-time Events available in Salesforce

Salesforce Real-time Events Monitored by Germain

Salesforce Real-time Events view at Scale on Germain Aggregate Dashboard

Drilldown view of Salesforce Real-time Events - Germain UX

Germain UX RCA Dashboard to Analyze Salesforce Real-time Events

Resource Usage of SFDC

Monitoring of SFDC Resource Usage, real-time, 24x7.

Salesforce Resource Usage monitored by Germain

Resource Usage metrics (SFDC)

Monitoring of SFDC Resource Usage and Limit.

Salesforce Resource Usage

Salesforce Resource Usage

Setup Audit events (SFDC)

Monitoring of SFDC Setup Audit events (SetupAuditTrail)

SOQL Execution Insights (SFDC)

Monitoring of SFDC SOQL Execution , real-time, 24x7.

Salesforce SOQL Execution metric

Salesforce SOQL Execution monitored by Germain

Switch-to-Classic SFDC

Monitoring of SFDC Switch to classic, real-time, 24x7.

Salesforce Switch to classic monitored by Germain

Transactions Tracing (SFDC)

Germain provides end-to-end transaction tracing, capturing data flow from JavaScript to HTTP requests, integrations, Apex code, database operations, and more in real-time, 24/7. With Germain's comprehensive monitoring, organizations using Salesforce Classic and Lightning can gain insights, automate issue detection, and optimize the performance and user experience of their Salesforce Cloud applications.

  • Here's an example of end-to-end transaction tracing, starting from JavaScript execution, followed by HTTP requests, integration calls, Apex code execution, database operations, and more.

Salesforce Code Execution on Detail Execution Flow

Salesforce Transaction Tracing on Germain’s Detail Execution Flow Portlet

Visual Force Insights (SFDC)

Monitoring of SFDC Visual Force Metric, real-time, 24x7.

Salesforce Visual Force Execution Transactions

Salesforce Visual Force Execution Transactions by Germain UX


Details about preconfigured KPIs in Germain UX for SFDC:

Compliance, Data Security and Privacy

Data and Metadata updates, Usage of SFDC are continuously monitored by Germain in real-time, around the clock. This monitoring strictly adheres to your organization's compliance regulations and configured data security and privacy mechanisms.

Real-time Automation for Salesforce Cloud

Germain offers a number of automation mechanisms to help proactively detect, analyze and possible resolve issues.


Be alerted about any kind of issues and at the right frequency. Here are details on Germain UX alerts.

Proactive Issue Detection

Detect issues before they affect business using synthetic transaction or smart analysis of trends and issue occurrences.

Automatic Issue Resolution

Let Germain automate resolution of an issue (e.g. update of incorrect data, restart of a system, etc). Here are more details on Germain’s automation features.

For more detailed information, please reaching out to us: . We will provide you with further guidance and assistance tailored to your needs.

Feature Availability: 2023.1 or later


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