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Configure Analytics, Automation, Dashboard and Report for GoLang

Once deployed, you need to ensure the following entities are enabled and feel free to modify they out-of-the-box configuration:

  • Data Source.

    • File path, Host, URI.


      GoLang Data Source enabled - Germain UX

    • Application.


      GoLang Application enabled - Germain UX

  • Analytics.

    • KPIs

      • GoLang CPU Sampler

      • GoLang Heap Usage

      • GoLang GoRoutine Count


        GoLang KPIs enabled - Germain UX

    • SLA.


      GoLang SLA enabled - Germain UX

    • Categorization.
      Define any categorization for GoLang.

    • Correlation.
      Define any correlation for GoLang.

    • Data Privacy.
      Define any privacy for GoLang.

  • Automation.

    • Alert.
      Define any alert for GoLang.

    • Other Automation.
      Define other automation for proactive detection and/or resolution.

  • Dashboard

    • Reuse an existing dashboard (Workspace> left menu > Dashboard > All folder) or create your own.

  • Report

Component: Engine, RPA Bot Recorder

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later


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