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Monitoring & Analytics - User Search


American Airlines, eBay, General Electric, Largest US-Based Healthcare


Do you want to understand what searches your users perform while using your app?

Or do you want to identify when users are unable to find something and possibly automatically enrich an AI Chatbot with more content?

In Germain, there are various methods to identify user searches and determine which searches were successful and which ones yielded no results. Here are two different examples:

Identify 'no result' searches on Salesforce Cloud.


Count of searches leading to no result on Salesforce Cloud - Germain UX


User not finding what she/he is looking for on Salesforce Cloud - Germain UX

Identify Searches on Oracle Siebel CRM

  • Add Analysis portlet

    • KPI: “User change

    • Measure: “Count

    • Pivot: “Page Title” “Field Value

    • Filters: "Set by user" = true & Name = "Change on input text"

User Searches on Oracle Siebel CRM - Germain UX

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