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Hazelcast Setup


Hazelcast is a real-time stream processing technology utilized internally by Germain.


Hazelcast 5.2.1-slim or later is supported.

Download Hazelcast

Deployment Steps

  1. Extract the archive to a directory of your choice. For example, let's use /opt/hazelcast.

  2. Start Hazelcast. The following steps explain the startup process for a dev or test environment. In a production environment, it is recommended to run Hazelcast instances as a service.

    • Linux: Run Zookeeper via the shell.

      bashCopy code/opt/hazelcast/bin/hz-start
    • Windows: Run Zookeeper via command prompt.

      makefileCopy codeC:\hazelcast\bin\hz-start.bat
    • Windows: Run Zookeeper as a service.

      • Copy HazelcastService.exe and HazelcastService.xml from {serviceDistroDirectory}\install\hazelcast\ to your Hazelcast bin directory.

      • From an administrative command line, run:

        Copy codeHazelcastService.exe install
      • Start the Hazelcast Windows Service using your preferred method.

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