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Compliance, Data Privacy and Security

At Germain, we take Compliance, Security, and Privacy very seriously. Some of our clients are billion-dollar revenue financial organizations that have thoroughly tested us and our platform down to the finest details.

Let's address "Compliance, Security, and Privacy" as well as "Safety".

Safety Strategies

Clients use GermainUX with different levels of safety.

Strict Safety Clearance

Some of our clients use GermainUX in "full" safety mode, meaning the Germain team has no access to GermainUX whatsoever. Additionally, their teams have very strict visibility rules dynamically set up based on the data captured by GermainUX.

Medium Safety Clearance

Some other clients use GermainUX with limited safety access mode, wherein the Germain team only has access to the GermainUX software/binaries and does not have access to the business data.

Low Safety Clearance

Finally, others use GermainUX with light safety access mode, granting the Germain team access to the GermainUX software/binaries/business data. This allows the Germain team to provide the best advanced and proactive support to its clients. Most clients start with Very or Medium safety clearance and then grant the Germain team more access when trust is established (and we thank them for that). All of these aspects are configurable and migratable.

Safety options

All these safety options and features are available to GermainUX clients.

Deployment Modes

  • On-premise (Client’s data center).

  • Client's cloud.

  • Germain's cloud (dedicated instance and data store i.e. not multi-tenant for greater security!).

Data Visibility Controls

For those who have access to the GermainUX Workspace:

Data Privacy Modes

  • Anonymization (i.e. Data replaced by -unique- series of characters, re-used for the same data, great for data science)

  • Exclusion (i.e. Data not collected)

  • Masking (i.e. Data replaced by the -same generic- series of characters applied to any data)

And here are more details about all these safety processes and features.

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