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Key Benefits & Features, Use Cases

We started building the Germain UX digital platform in 2011. Here are the high-level benefits and features that Germain UX offers.

Key Benefits of GermainUX

  • Discovers why users experience issues or drop off.

  • Finds where precious time is spent (by users or business operations).

  • Identifies visitors' interests.

  • Allows users to provide feedback (NPS).

  • Dives within technology issues and find root-cause of errors, slownesses, etc

  • Proactively detects, alerts and/or resolves issues.

  • Enables deep data science and finds smart insights.

  • Plus, our expert help is included.

  • At a fraction of your current cost – guaranteed.

Key Features in GermainUX

Use Cases of GermainUX

Details of theUse Cases for GermainUX.

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