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Investment Firm expands with Germain UX

The CIO of Africa's largest privately owned Investment Management company, boasting $1.6B in revenue, has made the strategic decision to scale its usage of Germain. Over the past four years, alongside other RUM and Observability platforms like NewRelic and Dynatrace, this Investment Firm has extensively tested and evaluated various solutions. However, it is with Germain that they have found a lasting partnership, and we are thrilled to continue this journey together.

Infrastructure Management and Integration with Germain

To facilitate the release of new changes to their API, the firm's DevOps Team follows a specific workflow. They start by building a new docker image based on a Linux distribution, currently utilizing Alpine (previously Ubuntu), which includes the .NET Core runtime. The team adds their published application code to the image, pushes it to a container registry, and then deploys it as a container into their Kubernetes cluster. Previously, an on-premises Kubernetes cluster was used, but now they leverage AWS Fargate (ECS) to manage the infrastructure. As AWS manages the infrastructure, running a separate monitoring agent is not an option. Instead, the Germain Team provides a package that is automatically installed as part of the container creation process, ensuring seamless integration and activation of Germain's features.

On the other hand, the firm's Retail team operates under a slightly different setup. Their APIs are built using Scala or Go, and they run Linux containers within Kubernetes. To manage their Kubernetes environment, they leverage AWS's EKS service. Similar to the DevOps Team, the Retail team also benefits from the automatic installation of the Germain package within their infrastructure.

Technologies Monitored

  • Alpine and Ubuntu-based Kubernetes

  • Appian

  • AWS Fargates

  • GoLang

  • Linux

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Retail, Institutional)

  • .NET Core (for integration)

  • SAP SuccessFactors

  • Scala

With Germain's comprehensive monitoring capabilities, this Investment Management company can effectively manage and optimize their infrastructure, releases, and critical systems. We are honored to be their chosen partner as they expand their usage of Germain, and we are committed to supporting their growth and success.

If you'd like to learn more about how Germain can help optimize your organization's infrastructure and provide actionable insights, please reach out to us. We're excited to be part of your journey."

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