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Database User Management

Users and Roles are both stored inside the Germain configuration database. To view the list of users, go to System > Auth Settings > Users in the menu.


  1. Go to System > Auth Settings > Authentication

  2. Click :plus: Add New Configuration

  3. Select the JDBC Provider option and click Next.

  4. Provide the following values:
    - Provider Name (The name of this provider)
    - Query for usernames (The query used to authenticate the user - lf using the default Germain database, leave it as the default)
    - Query for authorities (The query used to populate the users roles - lf using the default Germain database, leave it as the default)

  5. Click Finish.

  6. Restart the Germain server for the new provider to start working.

Creating a User

  1. Go to System > Auth Settings > Users

  2. Click :plus: Add New User

  3. Provide the following values:
    - Email (will be used as username to log in)
    - Roles (add at least one of the configured roles - this will determine what the user will be able to do within the system)
    - Teams (The teams this user is a member of - this will determine what dashboards the user can see)
    - Send Welcome Email (check if you want to send an invitation email with password setup steps)

  4. If Send Welcome Email is checked, the user will get an email containing information to login to Germain. If not, you can always reset the users password later by clicking on the user in the list and clicking Reset Password. This will send a new email to the user asking them to reset their password.


Login using the username and password fields on the Germain login page.

Service: Authentication

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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