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Monitoring & Analytics - Android Application




Germain now has the ability to monitor Availability, Performance and User Experience of a native Android Application (SDK 23 and above). This new feature complements the ability for Germain to monitor 1)performance and availability of Android Mobile Device and 2)performance, availability and user experience of any HTML/JS Application accessed from a mobile device).

The main features of the Germain Mobile Library are:

  • Automatic crash detection for unhandled exceptions
  • Handled exception notification
  • Error notification
  • System event monitoring
  • Application event monitoring
  • Session monitoring
  • Transaction monitoring
  • View navigation monitoring
  • Fragment monitoring

Configuration: Android App Monitoring


Being able to understand mobile application performance, user experience with your mobile application and identify root-cause of issues (and whether issues are caused by the mobile device, mobile app, network, or backend infrastructure (in the event your mobile application is integrated with some backend infrastructure, etc)


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