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Monitoring & Analytics - Search


American Airlines, GE, Pepsi, Volvo


Our Search feature has been significantly improved (as of Germain 8.6.17 release) to make it easier/faster to find insights, at every level of our dashboard (our dashboarding capability consists of 4 visualization levels, respectively for our Business and Technical dashboards, all preconfigured and customizable).

  • CONTENT fields are searchable. That means you can search for ANY low-level data that Germain collects from your Data Sources

  • FREE TEXT search mode is working as following:

    • Searching for "Bonjour Mon Ami“ (single sentence) returns any data that contains both “Bonjour” and “Mon” and “Ami”

    • Searching for "Bonjour” then entering “Mon” then entering “Ami“ (3 separate words) returns any data that contains EITHER “Bonjour” or “Mon” or “Ami”


  • Search for a “Label Name” that is displayed on a web page of your eCommerce or Saas app or onpremise CRM

  • Search for an ID in a SQL Statement

  • Search for a Value in a SOAP request

  • Identify all the Users that experienced a critical issue (e.g. HTTP 401: Authorization Required, HTTP 403: Forbidden, HTTP 500: Internal Server Error, HTTP 503: Service Unavailable, …

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