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Analytics - Example of Free-Text Search


Our Search mechanism has really become one of the pillars of our technology and we are being asked questions on how to search more complex data structure. Here is an example that illustrates a FREE TEXT Search


In this example, Cost and Pair functions are multi-line source code expressions (e.g. in a rule, or a script that you wrote and are stored in Germain, script or rules that can be used for software monitoring, data analysis, automation, etc)


It's not possible to enter values of that kind into the Search bar, they will not show up in the filter dropdown. They are however included in the free-text search, so for example, if you do a free-text search for "globalOffset" I should see stream correlation scenarios which contain that variable in their costFunction:


That kind of searches works for any data that is stored in Germain and for any dashboard available (or created by you) in Germain.

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