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HPUX Monitoring

Features for HPUX

Germain monitors the uptime and performance of HPUX operating systems. Using Germain, you can gain valuable insights into the availability, responsiveness, and overall performance of your HPUX environment. Key features and capabilities of Germain for monitoring HPUX include:

Uptime Monitoring

Track the duration of system uptime to ensure the HPUX operating system remains available and stable.

CPU Usage

Monitor the CPU utilization of the HPUX system to assess the overall system load and identify any performance issues or resource bottlenecks.

Memory Usage

Monitor the memory consumption of the HPUX system to ensure efficient utilization and identify any memory-related issues or constraints.

Disk Space

Monitor the available disk space on the HPUX system's storage devices to ensure sufficient space for data storage and system operations.

Network Connectivity

Monitor the network connectivity of the HPUX system to ensure uninterrupted communication and identify any network-related issues or performance degradation.

System Processes

Monitor the running processes on the HPUX system to identify any anomalies, excessive resource consumption, or potential performance bottlenecks.

System Logs

Monitor the system logs for errors, warnings, and other relevant information that can help diagnose issues and ensure the smooth operation of the HPUX system.

By monitoring these aspects of HPUX operating systems, Germain provides insights into the uptime, performance, and health of your HPUX environment. This enables proactive monitoring, timely issue detection, and efficient troubleshooting, ensuring optimal performance and stability of your HPUX systems.


Each of these commands can be individually configured and also disabled, if for some reason it is undesirable to collect any one of the OS metrics.



/opt/perf/bin/glance -f /tmp/gout -m -j 1 -iterations 2

/usr/bin/sar -q 1

vmstat 1 4

df –P

/usr/bin/sar -d 1 4

netstat –f inet

/usr/bin/netstat -i -w


ps –A

For more detailed information, please reaching out to us. We will provide you with further guidance and assistance tailored to your needs.

Component: Engine

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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