To deploy Germain Services that ensure some of the processing related to real-time Alert, Insights and Automation Components. More details on the Germain Components.


Extract the contents of the Germain Service distribution to folder (ex: /opt/germainapm) and set the APM_HOME environment variable to that location.


To install a service, first go to SERVICES_HOME/bin/WinSW and run the .bat file for the version of .net you have. If you do not know, there are instruction for checking here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/migration-guide/how-to-determine-which-versions-are-installed .

Choose the highest version applicable to your server:

  • set-dotnet-2.bat for versions below 4

  • set-dotnet-4.bat for versions 4 to 4.6

  • set-dotnet-461.bat for versions 4.61 or greater

Now go to SERVICES_HOME/bin folder and run the following command (requires administrative privileges):

<service name>.exe install

You can adjust the Java runtime properties (eg. memory) for the services by editing the corresponding *Services.xml files in the bin directory.


All of the Germain services are available in Germain Service distribution file and can be configured via yml files in the SERVICES_HOME/config folder:

  • Action → action-services.yml

  • Aggregation → aggregator-services.yml

  • Analytics → analytics-services.yml

  • Session Tracking → session-services.yml

  • Storage → storage-services.yml

  • Realtime Metrics → rtm-services.yml