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Stock Trading platform - Real-time UX insights

Success Story

The CTO of a prominent electronic trading company recognized the criticality of real-time insights and user experience monitoring for their online stock trading platform, which handles billions of dollars worth of transactions. To address this need and safeguard their business, the head of software development conducted a one-month pilot of Germain's capabilities to evaluate its benefits and impact.

With Germain, the client now has access to real-time metrics that provide invaluable insights into their users' experience on the trading platform. These metrics include:

Real User Experience Session Video/Replay:

Germain captures and records the user sessions on the trading platform, allowing the client to replay and analyze user interactions in real-time. This feature provides a comprehensive understanding of how users navigate the platform, identify potential issues, and gain insights into user behavior.

Real User Experience Behavior Analysis:

Germain's powerful analytics capabilities enable the client to analyze user behavior patterns on the trading platform. By studying user interactions, clicks, navigation paths, and other metrics, the client can uncover trends, detect anomalies, and gain a deeper understanding of how users engage with their platform.

To provide these valuable metrics, Germain seamlessly integrated with the client's electronic trading site, which utilizes Angular versions 1, 9, and Canvas technologies. By leveraging Germain's integration capabilities, the client can monitor the user experience in real-time, gaining actionable insights to improve their platform's performance, usability, and security.

By adopting Germain's real-time user experience monitoring and replay capabilities, the client can effectively secure their billion-dollar business by proactively identifying issues, optimizing the trading platform's performance, and enhancing the overall user experience.

The below data is from the client’s testing site/not production.

Custom UX Insights Aggregate Dashboard - Germain UX 2020.2

Custom UX Insights Drillthrough Dashboard - Germain UX 2020.2

Session Replay Dashboard - Germain UX 2020.2

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