Entire User Experience monitoring data (User Clicks, JavaScripts Console errors, Http Outbound requests, Session Replays, …) is missing.


1) UX Monitoring is not installed

Use UX Tester tool to validate Germain User Experience monitoring has been correctly installed. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Germain > UX Tester.

  2. Enter your application URL which Germain should monitor.

  3. Click Test and wait until Germain checks for the monitoring script. Test results will be available below.

2) Conguration disabled

2.1) UX General Settings:

  1. Go to System > UX/Session Replay Settings.

  2. Make sure:

    1. Browser and Real User Experience Monitoring Data is checked to enable entire UX Monitoring.

    2. Session Replay Data is checked to enable Session Replay Monitoring.

2.2) UX Profile Settings:

  1. Go to Analytics > UX Monitoring Profiles.

  2. Make sure your profile is enabled

2.3) Monitoring Agent Settings:

  1. Go to Germain > State.

  2. Click JS Scripts tab.

  3. Make sure monitoring agent linked to your application is enabled

3) UX Init Script customization issue

  1. Go to Analytics > UX Monitoring Profiles.

  2. Pick your profile.

  3. Make sure that Init Script doesn’t contain any JavaScript errors. Below an example with one JavaScript error.

4) Services not running

  1. Go to Germain > State.

  2. Make sure Ingestion Service and Storage Service are up and running.