Germain measures Marketing Campaign Performance by monitoring your web application. Automated insights are provided (e.g. Campaign name, Source, Returning vs New Users, etc) are stored and available in Campaign Dimension.

User Behavior per Campaign or Landing Page

Germain records (in real-time) videos of all the user sessions and allows to replay them whenever you need in order to analyze Users of a Campaign.

KPI for Campaign and Landing Page


Campaign Details on Drill-through

Campaign Details on Drill-through

Campaign Source on Analysis Portlet

Campaign Source on Analysis Portlet

Users Geo Location for All Campaigns

Users Geo Location for All Campaigns

New vs Returning Users

New vs Returning Users

Case Study

Marketing Automation for an Offshore Manufacturing company

Deployment for Marketing Campaign Monitoring

For Web Application (that allows Javascript snippet injection)

For Web Application (that doesn’t allow Javascript snippet injection)


Custom extractor function can be provided via settings.application.campaignExtractor to extract Campaign information available on your web application.

The following code sample shows how to write a custom campaignExtractor to collect Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters from page query string.

Please contact us If you need any help with this configuration.

const settings = germainApm.getDefaultSettings();
settings.application.campaignExtractor = function() {
    var queryString = window.location.search;
    if (queryString) {
        var values = germainApm.utils.parseQueryStringToMap(queryString); // internal function to convert query string into a map
        if (values['utm_medium'] && values['utm_source']) { // required fields
            return {
                source: values['utm_source'] || null,
                medium: values['utm_medium'] || null,
                content: values['utm_content'] || null,
                name: values['utm_campaign'] || null,
                term: values['utm_term'] || null
    return undefined;

Google Analytics UTM

Default campaign extractor is available for Google Analytics and it collects data from:

  • Google Analytics UTM parameters from page query string

  • Google Analytics UTM parameters from __utmz cookie

Component: Marketing Campaign

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later