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Oracle Siebel CRM Monitoring

Use Cases for Oracle Siebel CRM

Germain UX helps improve Adoption, UX, and Productivity for Oracle Siebel CRM environments with use cases including:

  • Adoption Enhancement.

  • Operational Productivity Improvement.

  • Proactive and Effective User Support

  • Siebel CRM Application Performance and Usage optimization.

  • And more Use Cases

Features for Oracle Siebel CRM

In summary, Germain offers:

  • Real-time user monitoring, session recording and session replay. GermainUX knows what a Siebel User “sees and does” at a millisecond precision.

  • Automatic identification and analysis of UX frictions. Qualitative and quantitative insights are automatically provided to understand why issues occur.

  • Real-time monitoring of business processes, identification of inefficiencies in any workflows, across teams.

  • Real user feedback (for NPS, surveys).

  • Continuous monitoring of Oracle Siebel CRM application uptime, health, and performance.

  • Proactive and smart issue detection, alert, and (when considered safe) resolution.

Now, here are more details on Germain UX features for Oracle Siebel CRM:

Real User Experience Monitoring & Replay of Siebel CRM

Germain automatically records millisecond-precise, pixel-perfect user sessions 24/7, providing real-time insights to understand both the 'what' and the 'why.' Germain UX identifies friction points and their underlying causes, streamlining business impact analysis for critical UX, Adoption, and Productivity issues without the need to review numerous videos. You can quickly replay specific segments of recorded sessions by searching for your priorities. All business or metadata data is fully searchable, maintaining GDPR compliance, whether at scale or within a recorded session.

Relevant for Oracle Siebel CRM, HI, OUI, version 99.5, and beyond, including 2023, and so on.

More details about Germain UX Real User Session Monitoring and Session Replay.

Siebel User Session Recorded by/Replayed on Germain UX

Custom Business Impact view at scale for UX Issues on Siebel CRM - Germain UX

User Feedback (Survey, for NPS)

If you are committed to enhancing the adoption of your Siebel CRM Application, enable Germain's Feedback Popup. It allows you to collect real-time feedback from your Siebel users, review their input in context of the recorded session, making it easier to understand what they complain about, without having to talk to them and take immediate action!

For more information about Germain's Feedback Popup and its benefits, please visit: Feedback Popup

Inefficiency Finding and Analysis of Business Processes

Germain enables you to monitor and pinpoint the reasons behind inefficient or overly complex business processes that may be causing wasted time for both business operations and Siebel users. This feature helps identify bottlenecks and areas of productivity loss within your business processes and workflows.

For more detailed information on Business Process Monitoring and the automatic identification of productivity losses, please refer to our documentation: Business Process Monitoring and Automatic Loss of Productivity identification.

SR Lifecycle Process Efficiency and Insights for Siebel CRM - Germain UX

Business Processes Efficiency and Dropoff Analysis for Siebel CRM - Germain UX

Application Performance Monitoring of Oracle Siebel CRM

Germain provides comprehensive monitoring of your Siebel CRM application. It covers all aspects and areas, including:

  • Escript running within the user's browser

  • HTTP requests flowing in and out of a user's browser

  • Load balancers

  • Web servers

  • Object Managers (health, crashes, tasks, configuration, etc)

  • Execution of Object Manager transactions (e.g., Workflow, Web Services, etc.)

  • Interactions among Object Managers

  • Database operations (SQL, storage, etc.)

Performance of Siebel CRM - Germain UX

Availability of Siebel CRM - Germain UX


Germain's Audit Trail mechanism automatically monitors configuration files and other metadata associated with Siebel CRM, ensuring compliance and providing visibility into any changes made.

More details on Germain’s Audit Trail mechanism for Siebel CRM.

Database and Data Monitoring (Siebel CRM)

Germain offers two ways to monitor Siebel data. Firstly, it provides real user experience monitoring, capturing user interactions with Siebel CRM to track data-related performance and issues. Secondly, Germain can directly access the Siebel database (depending on the database vendor) to monitor data and identify any database-related issues.

Databases you can monitor Data of:

More Database can be supported. please contact us.

Error Monitoring (Siebel CRM)

Germain monitors errors that impact Siebel users, capturing and analyzing both user-related errors and any other errors generated by Siebel CRM.

In addition, Germain provides load balancing monitoring capabilities for Siebel CRM. For more detailed information about this feature, we recommend reaching out to Germain directly.

More details on how Germain helps analyze business impact of errors.

Log File Monitoring (Siebel CRM)

Germain can monitor any log files associated with Siebel, including Object Manager Log, Core Dump, and FDR files. It also allows you to configure monitoring for additional files as needed.

More on Siebel CRM Log File monitoring.

Object Manager Crash Analysis (Siebel CRM)

Germain UX has preconfigured capabilities to detect and analyze all the crashes of a Siebel CRM Object Manager / Component, and more precisely, Germain UX automates the following:

  • Correlation of all the information that relate to an OM crash (e.g. transactions, errors, exception from Browser, Server logs, FDR file and Core file)

  • Analysis of the FDR file to help highlight the critical portion and reduce the time it takes to analyze it.

  • Identification of the User Scenario that caused the OM Crash

  • Identify new OM crash over recurring/known ones.

More details on how Germain analyzes root-cause of a Siebel Object Manager crash using Germain UX’s Exact-Match correlation mechanism.

More detail on Germain’s ability to identify “new” OM crashes (as opposed to known/recurring ones) using Germain UX’s Data Categorization mechanism.

Task, OM and Server Monitoring (Siebel CRM)

Germain monitors the uptime, running status, and capacity of each Object Manager in Oracle Siebel CRM, allowing you to set SLAs tailored to your organization's needs.

This monitoring ensures the availability, performance, and user experience of your CRM system. It aids in identifying and promptly addressing issues, optimizing workflows, and delivering a seamless experience to Siebel users.

Siebel OM Task Health - Germain UX

Siebel OM Task Percent Per OM - Germain UX

User Click Analysis

Siebel CRM User Click Analysis by Germain UX

Web Service and Workflow Transaction Analysis

Real-time analysis and time breakdown of any transaction that is processed by Siebel EAI, Workflow or other Object Managers

Siebel CRM Web Service or Workflow Analysis by Germain UX

Workspace Branch Name

The Oracle Siebel CRM Workspace Branch Name is now captured and accessible on any Germain UX RCA dashboard, simplifying issue troubleshooting.

Other Automations for Siebel CRM

Germain provides a range of automations mechanisms designed to:

  • Alert when issues occur.

  • Proactively detect issues (e.g., before they impact business operations, using Synthetic User Scenario or other methods).

  • Smart Insights (Germain's Smart Insights algorithm helps manage capacity and identifies hard-to-identify new issues, whether they are related to technology, processes, or the user experience.)

  • Auto-resolve issues (e.g., Script execution when an SLA is met).

Data Security and Privacy (GDPR and others)

Germain includes preconfigured security mechanisms designed to restrict visibility to Siebel data, thereby ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive information. For in-depth information about our data privacy and security measures, please refer to our documentation: Data Privacy and Security.

For more detailed information, please reaching out to us: . We will provide you with further guidance and assistance tailored to your needs.

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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