Business Process/Workflow Monitoring

Workflow that Siebel Users go through as they use Siebel CRM (and other applications) can be monitored and analyzed by Germain’s Business Process feature to be able to find loss of productivity. More details.

Important: this Business Process/Workflow monitoring feature isnt about what Siebel calls Siebel Workflow Transaction, however Germain also monitors the Siebel Workflow Transaction.


Config Files and other Metadata are automatically monitored by Germain’s Audit Trail mechanism.


Two ways Siebel Data is monitored 1) Real User Experience Monitoring or 2) Direct access to the Siebel Database (with Germain Engine and depending on the database vendor).

Security Mechanisms are preconfigured and can be preconfigured further to limit visibility to any Siebel Data.


Errors That affect Siebel Users

Errors that affect Users | Oracle-Siebel-CRM-User-Errors

Other Errors

Any errors that Siebel produces are analyzed and collected by Germain.

Load Balancing Monitoring

Please contact us.

Log Files

Any Files that Siebel consists of can be monitored by Germain. Germain is currently preconfigured to monitor Object Manager Log, Core Dump, FDR and other Text file associated with OM Crashes. However you can also configure Germain to monitor any other files.

Object Manager Crashes (detection & automated analysis)

Siebel Object Manager Crashes are automatically analyzed, including the analysis of Siebel FDR and logs files. Real User Scenario are captured (via Germain’s real user session recording and video replay). Memory Leak in eScript are automatically analyzed.

Identify “New” OM Crash among thousands of known crashes (using Categorization of Facts)

To automate identification of a “new” issue (as opposed to “known” e.g. find a new failing transaction among millions of failing transactions that have been known): check Germain’s Categorization.

Correlate OM Crash-related information and Analyze them (using Exact-Match Correlation)

To automate the 1)correlation and 2)analysis of all the Siebel files that are produced when an Object Manager crashes

Real User Experience Monitoring

Real-time Recording of what all the Siebel Users “do” and “see” on Siebel UI.

For Oracle Siebel CRM, HI, OUI, from 99.5 to 2023.

More details on Real User Monitoring for Siebel (and other apps)

Server, Component and Task Monitoring

Uptime, Running Status, Capacity (Running Task versus MaxTask) of each Object Manager are monitored. Germain SLAs can be adjusted based on your organization’s SLAs.

Component: Engine

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later