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Click / Synthetic User Scenario


Germain integrates with Selenium.


  • Easier Recording of Selenium Script via Germain UX RPA Bot Recorder.

  • Easy Deployment and Management of Selenium script, at scale (Remote Update, Restart, Control, Manage version, etc).

  • 24x7 Execution of Selenium Script via Germain UX Engine

  • Manual or On Schedule Execution & Monitoring of Selenium Script (via Germain UX Workspace > Login > Left Menu > Automation > Click)

  • Monitors, Records & Replays video(s) of Synthetic Scenario execution.
    That works when Germain RUM is enabled or not. Very useful and time saving especially when you have thousands of synthetic scenarios running against many apps and you need to identify 1)which synthetic failed 2)where 3)why.

Use Cases

  • Proactive detection of a User Issue before real user impact

  • Automatic and recurring health check of critical features on a web app (e.g. “checkout cart” always works).


  • Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox can be used.

  • Headless Chrome is recommended

  • Make sure that the browser version (installed on the machine where the selenium script is going to be running) is the exact same as the web driver that is used by Germain



  • Germain has built-in capabilities to simplify the 1) recording 2) deployment 3) and management of a Selenium script.

  • This use case was on The approach is valid for any other app where you would want to automate PDF opening issues or other use cases related to tab management and issue detection.

You want to use a solution alternative to Selenium?

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Component: Engine

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later

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