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Outlier Detection


Germain comprises several underlying mechanisms designed to identify outliers. Certain features need to be enabled simultaneously. Below are the mechanisms you can rely on to assist in finding the 'needle in a haystack':


This feature helps identify new technology issues compared to those that occurred previously (e.g., a new error, a new crash). For more details about categorization, click here.

Document Audit

This feature helps identify updates to data that has been updated and those that haven't. Once Document Audit is enabled, it is recommended to enable other mechanisms such as Smart Insights.

Error Analysis

This feature helps highlight errors that affect users or a business process while ignoring the myriad of others. Learn more about error analysis here.

Smart Insights

This feature helps identify upward and downward trends, taking into account the business period. Learn more about smart insights here.

Service: Analytics

Feature Availability: 2016.2 or later

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