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Monitoring Management


Monitoring is the core mechanism in Germain, running as configured, 24x7 and/or at set intervals, providing near real-time insights. Here are the primary use cases:

  • Software health control and troubleshooting

  • Business process performance measurement and analysis

  • User experience analysis

Monitoring can be either reactive or proactive. Reactive monitoring is predominantly defined in the analytics section. Proactive monitoring is primarily configured in the automation section, with predictive analytics set at the SLA level in the analytics section.


The Monitoring Tab on the Wizard dashboard, as well as the Analytics and Automation sections in the left menu, allow you to configure how monitoring is performed by Germain UX.

Monitoring Tab on Wizard view - Germain UX


Germain dashboard allows you to understand what is being monitored, at which configuration level, you can also troubleshoot them. More details about Germain here.

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