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Maintenance - Nextgen (7th month)


American Airlines, Anz Bank, eBay, Pepsi, Largest US-Based Healthcare, Volvo, etc.


7th month into building our next generation Germain/BPM/RUM, and a reminder that this first version is 1)a switch to a more recent front-end technology and 2) the delivery of a new Configuration Console. Goal is to allow organizations to significantly reduce meantime to add/remove/maintain any Monitoring, Analytics and/or Automation, and increase adoption of Germain (e.g. within minutes, monitor thousand of servers, business processes, automation, etc).

On target to be ready by 12/31/19.

Some screenshots

End-to-end wizards available to configure any monitoring, analytics and automation

Automation - Synthetic user click/scenario
Example of an end-to-end wizard (in this case allowing you to configure a Synthetic User Scenario or series of clicks against an eCommerce website. From defining the clicks, sla, action(alerts, script execution, etc) to defining on which portlet/dashboard to display the performance of these clicks)



Hardware management page

Software management page


Analytics - Correlation Management page (connect the dots in between systems, for transaction tracking)


Analytics - Sla page

Analytics - Rule editor

Analytics - Kpi configuration page

Analytics - Business Process management page


Automation - SQL management (for reporting, data update, etc)

Automation - Script management (for execution via ssh, wmi or locally on a server)

Automation - Alert Template editor

Monitoring State view (this is the screen to know what is being monitored, analyzed and/or automated and where, what monitoring feature isn't running, etc)

and many more which we can show during a demo..

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