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In 2006, our CEO's success in solving large scale UX issues for four organizations led to the development of a monitoring tool built for Siebel CRM, which we retired in 2011 to then make way for a new advanced monitoring and automation platform called Germain UX, built for any stack and any use cases. Now trusted by clients like American Airlines, ANZ Bank, eBay, PepsiCo, General Electric Healthcare, the Largest US-Based Healthcare provider, and others, our self-funded journey boasts a 91% client retention rate since 2014. It has been about achieving exceptional results in adoption, conversions, process improvement, technology performance enhancement, leveraging the Germain UX platform, at the lowest cost for our clients, guaranteed. Having been able to continuously repeat those successes, as many times as our clients have needed and as quickly as this AI-centered technology world has grown, is proof that the Germain UX platform has been exceptionally developed and is a perfect fit for organizations requiring the best insights and automation.

We do whatever it takes to serve our customers beyond the beyond, at no additional cost to them.

Key Features

Germain UX is a revolutionary software platform available on both cloud and on-premise, providing the deepest actionable insights and automation to best improve User Experience (UX). Operating 24x7, our platform is built to help organizations improve Adoption, Conversion, and Productivity.

Key Features:

  • Deepest qualitative & quantitative insights to find UX frictions, dropoffs, and understand “why”.

  • Proprietary pixel-perfect user session recording and session replay maintain GDPR compliance.

  • Real user feedback in context/session replay (For NPS).

  • Proactive detection and resolution, in real-time, via various RPA Bots.

  • Automated alerts.

  • Customizable so you can grow with it (Alerts, KPI, SLA, Automation, Dashboard, Report, and Data Model!)

  • Seamless integration with various technologies automates issue detection and resolution.

Germain UX excels at assessing business impact at scale, prioritizing critical areas for improvement.

AI needs Germain UX, and so does Germain UX. While Germain UX doesn't rely on AI, it seamlessly integrates with AI platforms, enhancing insights and automation.

Strategy & Architecture

Tailor your roadmap with Germain UX, prioritizing engagement. Choose deployment options based on compliance, data security, privacy, and cost considerations. When it comes to monitoring with Germain, tailor deployment options to your needs.

Your Roadmap: Share your goals with us for exceptional engagement.

Cloud or On-Premise: Choose based on compliance, data security, infrastructure usage and cost considerations.

Design an efficient monitoring and automation strategy by aligning deployment options with your organization's requirements.

Note: For AI integration, it's recommended to set solutions within an isolated section of your cloud or data center for total security.

Benefit from over a decade of development experience with Germain UX. Take a look at our success stories and explore our comprehensive use cases to witness the capabilities of our platform.

Request a risk-free pilot to fully experience the ease and power of Germain UX. Our team will assist you during the pilot, and there is no fees or commitment!

Germain UX: Unleash the full potential of your organization's UX with our constant innovation and unparalleled support.

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