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Maintenance - JS script optimization (used for User Monitoring & Replay)


Significantly reduced the impact of Germain's JS script on the end-user of the monitored application (Germain's JS script monitors and analyzes web application user experience such as AngularJS, ReactJS,, Siebel CRM, WordPress, etc). Impact is now between 2 and 10% (used to be ~15-30%). That optimization applies to any web application on any browser. That 2-10% impact was valided/tested against Siebel CRM OUI IP15 and IP17, and using these browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE, Safari.

A reminder that it is always recommended to test/assess the impact of any monitoring tool (including Germain) before production deployment and adjust monitoring type and frequency taking into account benefit-vs-impact. It is also important to note that  the impact will vary from one monitored application to the next and one version of that monitored application to the next, and is dependent on the way that monitored application is built and customized. 

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