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Monitoring & Analytics - User Session Recording & Replay v3!


Germain’s User Session Recording & Replay v3 is out! Building this version took us nearly 12 months. We first built v1 back early 2017, our v2 was end of 2018 and had been growing with it.

Around March of last year, because of growing interest in this feature and its corresponding limitations (lack of insights, too much required configuration and maintenance, etc.) we decided to revamp this feature. As of today, we have tested this v3 against a number of technologies (Angular, React, Salesforce, Siebel, etc.) and the results are looking pretty awesome. This is Beta; we’ve completed our unit testing and a first round of load testing. We are entering into our final QA and then providing the new version to some clients.


This V3 provides significantly more insights. Click here for more details: User Session Monitoring & Session Replay


This V3 has a millisecond granularity/precision (V2 had a second granularity and precision) which means 2 things:

  • For current client: your license may automatically increase . i.e what will increase is the UNIT/DAY that relates to the “User Session Recording & Replay” feature usage, as following:

    • (in V2) 1/one minute of active usage of a user on an application = 60 UNITS

    • (in V3) 1/one minute of active usage of a user on an application = 60,000 UNITS

  • Anybody: you will get significantly more UX insights with this V3, insights our V2 did not capture.


More details and Configuration

User Session Monitoring & Session Replay

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