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Monitoring & Analytics - Genesys CTI


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Problem with Genesys CTI

The client was experiencing issues with its CTI (Genesys)-Salesforce integration and custom code surrounding it. Initially designed to enhance the user experience for Salesforce (SF) users, the custom code led to numerous issues. Despite significant time spent by SF Users and IT Dev Teams troubleshooting, only a fraction of the issues were resolved, largely due to a lack of insights. While SF logs provide insight into backend operations, they do not illuminate user experiences or the interaction between users and the SF cloud infrastructure.

At a high level:

  1. A user logs into WWE (Genesys), and a JS page loads. Telephony events pass through a custom page on Salesforce. Custom code captures call event information, writing it to the browser’s local storage upon a specific event trigger, using the unique prefix “ACME”.

  2. A user logs into SFDC. The JS page loads, subscribing/posts to the browser local storage with business logic that looks up person details in SFDC. It automatically navigates the user to the Account Detail Page and writes some information in the console using the same prefix “ACME”.

Solution for Genesys CTI

Germain was initially deployed for a few pilot users to evaluate benefits before being further deployed to thousands of SF users.

Germain now assists the client in identifying where a CTI transaction becomes disconnected, pinpointing the root cause in real-time.

It captures scenarios leading to issues in real-time, saving crucial time for root-cause analysis and validation of fixes.

Browser Console Logs (from WWE Genesys) CTI and SF transactions are captured and correlated in real-time by Germain. Errors are proactively identified before they affect SF users, and known/approved solutions are executed automatically via script, at any level of the infrastructure.

Genesys CTI Events on Germain UX

Genesys CTI Messages on Germain UX

Genesys CTI event log on Germain UX

Genesys CTI Api calls on Germain UX

Genesys CTI Toast Errors and Session Replays on Germain UX

More details about Insights that Germain UX provides while monitoring Genesys CTI.

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