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Apache ActiveMQ Setup


The ActiveMQ broker runs as a separate process from the Germain Enterprise server. It is essential to start the broker beforehand to enable communication between the Germain Enterprise and Germain Node servers. The broker acts as a messaging intermediary, facilitating the exchange of messages and data between these components. Therefore, ensure that the ActiveMQ broker is running and accessible before starting the Germain Enterprise and Germain Node servers


ActiveMQ Classic 5.17 or later is supported.

Download Apache ActiveMQ



On Windows, ActiveMQ can be run as a service using the Program Services Console.


On Unix-based operating systems, ActiveMQ can be started from the ActiveMQ directory using the following command: bin/activemq start xbean:conf/activemq.conf


Replace default activemq.xml configuration file by the one provided with Germain product distribution. You can find the preconfigured file under ServiceDistribution/install/activemq.

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