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Transaction Insights


Germain UX provides deep insights for any transaction that it monitors, leveraging powerful and proprietary capabilities such as:

Example of Transactions

User Clicks

End-to-end analysis of user clicks is automatically performed by Germain, breaking down the time a click takes from the browser, network, backend application, and integrations.

user click analysis by Germain UX

Web Service Calls

Germain can monitor both stateful and stateless web service calls. Response times are broken down, and failures are analyzed in real-time to best understand the root cause. SOAP request details are stored in Germain for a comprehensive understanding of the events.

Web Service execution analysis by Germain UX


Germain can monitor stateless REST API calls over standard HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) for communication. Details such as JSON, XML, URI, and MIME are stored to facilitate a better understanding of events during a slowdown or failure.

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