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Deploy Code Profiling & Usage Monitoring for GoLang

Steps on how to deploy Germain UX - Code Profiler for GoLang.

Add Golang profiling to you application

The official Golang documentation best explains how to add the ‘pprof’ package, and start a listener for 'pprof' in your GoLang application:

Import Golang settings into Germain

The setting json files are available here


You will need to import:

  • germain.apm.monitoringConfig.components.json

  • germain.apm.monitoringConfig.keyPerformanceIndicators.json

  • germain.apm.workspace.rcaDashboards.json

Optionally you can import a pre-made Golang Dasboard

  • germain.apm.workspace.dashboards.json

Go to Germain Workspace > Left Menu > Wizard > Golang


GoLang Wizard - Germain UX

Enter ‘Monitored Server’, ‘Port’, ‘Monitored Application’ and ‘Read Timeout’


GoLang Parameters - Germain UX

Unless you have special configuration, you can click 'skip'


GoLang Wizard (2) - Germain UX

Choose a 'Monitor Name', ‘Monitoring Node’, ‘Engine’

Set a schedule to run the Monitor on


GoLang Wizard (3) - Germain UX

Check whether it is running on the State screen


Check the State of GoLang Agent - Germain UX


Dive into the State of the GoLang Agent - Germain UX


Component: Code Profiler

Feature Availability: 8.6.0 or later


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