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Remove Alias

During the Germain upgrade process, you may encounter an error in the Storage Service where it refuses to start, citing that the data stream alias and index alias have the same name. In the Elasticsearch datamart, it's crucial to have unique data stream aliases and index aliases.

If you ever need to remove an alias from an Elasticsearch data stream or index, please follow these steps.

Let's consider an example where there is one “data stream” and one “index” both pointing to the same alias, “gapm-ux-session”, and we want to remove the alias from the “data stream”. Here's how we would proceed:

  1. Look up the name of the data stream in the 'index_management' section's 'data streams' tab in Kibana.

  2. Identify and update the correct data stream name, for instance, 'gapm-ux-session'.

  3. Utilize the following API call to remove the data stream.

POST /_aliases
  "actions" : [
    { "remove" : { "index" : "name of data stream", "alias" : "gapm-ux-session" } },
  • Restart the Germain Service.

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