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Monitoring & Analytics - KYC/Know Your Customer Process


Anz Bank


This client monitors KYC Business Processes, in real-time and 24x7, using Germain.


Business impact is always one the most important notion while assessing the severity of a technology, operational or UX issue. This BP monitoring feature gives our Customer the ability to understand whether a business operation got affected by a functional or technological issue. Sometimes, a part of infrastructure may fail yet the business may or not be affected… and vice versa, the infrastructure is fully available yet the business operations are getting completed on time either due to slow running infrastructure or user experience issue.


Germain’s BP configuration screen below shows the KYC steps that are required, for a CSR/Client Service Representative, to register a new Client in the bank’s CRM systems. Once enabled for monitoring, that KYC process performance is monitored (in near real-time, by Germain), including the time it takes from start to finish, the time each KYC step took, any frictions and drop-offs, as well as the list of CSRs that were involved in performing each KYC process.

Flow graph, Funnel or other portlet types are available for top level and real-time visualization.

Pivot, Drill-through and RCA dashboards are then automatically available on drilldown on any of the above portlets.


This feature has been available in Germain since 2014 and been enhanced over the years. More details on how to configure Business Process for real-time monitoring, insights, alert and automation

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