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Create a Automatic Report

Here are 3 ways to create a automatic report (CSV, PDF, HTML) with data stored in different types of datastores.

Relational Database Report

Select SQL Report option to create an automatic CSV, PDF or HTML report with data pulled from a relational database.

Germain Workspace > Left Menu > Automation > Report > + icon > SQL Report

SQL Report - Germain UX

And if this report consists in pulling data stored in separate relational databases, add separate SQL queries respectively for pulling data from each database.

Multi-SQL report - Germain UX

For instance, the first SQL query looks like this:

SQL statement example for one report - Germain UX

Report File Name

For example:

Report ${} - ${.now?string[\"dd_MMM_yyyy\"]} - ${result.rowCount} rows

Your file name will be

MyReport - 04_MAY_2020 - 1384 rows.csv

Elasticsearch Report

Select ES Report to create a report in CSV, PDF or HTML format can be automatically generated at a set interval, by pulling data from an Elasticsearch datastore.

Germain Workspace > Left Menu > Automation > Report > + icon > ES Report

ES Report - Germain UX

Native Elasticsearch SQL is used by Germain UX to pull any data from an Elasticsearch datastore. More details about Elasticsearch SQL.

Scripted Approach

Select Scripted Report to create a report in CSV, PDF or HTML format cannot automatically generated using either above approaches.

Germain Workspace > Left Menu > Automation > Report > + icon >Scripted Report

Scripted Report - Germain UX

Example 1:

Scripted Report example - Germain UX

Example 2:

Germain loads the data and perform the equivalent of a join for a SQL like this:

    , substr(,5) USER_CLICK_NAME
    , db.queryid SQL_ID
    , db.duration SQL_DURATION
    , clk.duration USER_CLICK_DURATION
    siebel_database_txn db
    left join siebel_web_svc_txn txn 
        on txn.sequence = substr(db.sequence, 1, instr(db.sequence, '.', -1, 1) -1)
    left join siebel_out_http_req req
        on req.backendsequence = txn.sequence
    left join siebel_user_click clk
        on clk.sequence = substr(req.sequence, 1, instr(req.sequence, '.', -1, 1) -1)
    clk.siebel_command like 'ExecuteNamedQuery'
    and clk.application_name = 'Argus PS18'
    and db.color != 'GREEN'
    and db.timestamp between ? and ?
order by
    db.duration desc


Templates are either HTML, Text or SMS format and very customizable.

Access them: Germain Workspace > Left Menu > System>Alert Templates

More details on Alert Template Reference.

Feature Availability: 2023.4 or later

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