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Code Profiling


Application code performance is analyzed in real-time by Germain UX. It provides insights into the performance, behavior, and potential issues of the code as it runs. This analysis can include factors such as execution time, memory usage, CPU utilization, network requests, database queries, and other relevant information.

Transaction Time Breakdown

Transaction Response Time analysis is broken down by layers, and that is customizable.

  • Default Time Layers: [Browser | Network | Web Server | Application Server | Integration(s)| Database]

  • Exclusive Time: critical path-related time for a transaction to complete

  • Cumulative Time: asynchronous transaction time summed up to help you understand how much processing is being performed irrespective of when a transaction completes its critical purpose

Video overview: Transaction analysis

Oracle Siebel CRM Transaction Analysis

React/Java app Transaction Analysis


C# Profiling

GoLang Profiling

Java Profiling

Javascript Profiling

Node.Js Profiling

By analyzing code execution in real-time, Germain can help identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, errors, and areas for optimization, enabling developers to make informed decisions and improve the overall performance and reliability of the code.

Service: Analytics

Feature Availability: 2016.2 or later

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