American Airlines, eBay, General Electric, Pepsi, United Healthcare, Volvo, etc


Germain’s new configuration console has been successfully deployed at a few clients, and we have received excellent feedback. Many of you have asked for a demo, to the point we recorded this video which covers all the configuration capabilities that are available today in Germain, combining this new configuration console and our existing dashboard:

11-min video of this new config console: click here

Note that Germain’s configuration console and dashboard will become one UI by 3/31/20 (as we have entered in phase 2 of our front-end technology switch, which consists in migrating our current dashboard to the best javascript framework on the market). Also note that we are planning a phase 3 (tentative ETA: 6/30/20) which will provide new UI features on top of what is already available, in an effort to continue enhance your user experience with Germain.