Maintenance periods can be configured to prevent Germain from sending alerts during a scheduled downtime of your applications and servers. Germain supports both recurring as well as one-time periods.


Germain workspace > Left > Menu > System > Maintenance 

Workspace Field Label

Configuration Key


Possible Values

Default Value

NamenameIdentified of the maintenance periodString
DurationdurationDuration in SecondsInteger
RecurringrecurringIf false, the maintenance period will apply onceBoolean
SchedulescheduleWhen to trigger the maintenance period.Cron Expression with seconds
ActionsactionsList of Actions that will be suppressed by this maintenance window

Example - Configure a weekly Maintenance Window

To configure a new period navigate to the maintenance sub tree in the workspace, under System:

Click "+" to create a new period. The following example shows a 1-hour period that is scheduled to run every Sunday night at 1 am:

You can configure the time at which the maintenance period begins via the "job schedule" property, which you can use both the Basic selection or the Advanced cron editor to define this schedule.
The patterns follow the standardized cron expression format with seconds - for more details and examples, see this reference.

Finally, you can select which actions should not be triggered while the maintenance period is active under the "actions" property:


Any changes to new or existing maintenance periods are picked up by Germain within the next 60 seconds..