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Maintenance - ElasticSearch 7.8


American Airlines


ElasticSearch 7.8 is now supported as datastore for Germain (in lieu of any other currently supported datastore: DB2, MemSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer). ElasticSearch 7.9 support on its way.

  • Measures = docvalue_fields[...levels,...values] + _source[...contentFields]

  • Level constraint = term { field: value }

  • Timeseries mapping json

  • Query pattern for

    • Multi pivot aggregations,

    • Increased efficiency: one at index time, and one at query time

    • Disjunctive filters

No difference in the way data is displayed, aggregated, analyzed, searched on Germain dashboard.


Performance of Germain is significantly better than relational database and you will find it more obvious once you start reaching ~500 Millions metrics stored DAILY in Germain (yet you can start seeing performance benefit at 100 or 200 Million Germain unit per day for low-end hardware and storage).


~200 Million Germain Units are stored on this environment where this screenshot was taken from and every navigation takes less than a second.

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